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NEXIA taps Orange O Tec as its Indian marketing partner


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NEXIAItalian manufacturer of machines for industrial laundry, dyeing and treating clothing, NEXIA srl DeFranceschi has named Surat-based Orange O Tec as its marketing partner for India.

NEXIA technologies on offer include washing machines, stone washing machines, stone-less system for washing machines, ozone production system, hydro extractors, dryers, laser marking system, static oven, laundry centrifugal washing machine double face type and laundry centrifugal washing machine frontal type.

Its flagship technology is the NEXIA Ozone Production System. The use of oxygen in denim treatment processes assume more importance in the textile sector because, its systematic use allows companies to efficiently respond to different production and environmental requirements. Another technology is the NEXIA Stone Washing Machine, available in a capacity ranging between 100 and 180 kgs.

NEXIA also markets dyeing washing machines, which are used in dyeing all types of finished garments with capacity ranging between 100 and 180 kgs. On the other hand, NEXIA Laser Machine is updated with the latest generation laser system and comes with a high-speed scanning head. It can reproduce special effects such as customized patterns, images, brands, whiskers, and sandblasting effect both on finished garment and on fabric.

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“We are pleased to be appointed as marketing partners of NEXIA srl DeFranceschi, which has an extensive range of latest technologies for laundry, fabric washing, dyeing and treatment. With our excellent sales and marketing setup, which is backed with an extensive service network, we hope to capture a good share of the Indian market in the next few years,” commented Aayush Rathi, Director, Orange O Tec Pvt. Ltd.


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