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Bangladesh garment workers call for union registration


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Workers at the Orchid Sweater factory in Bangladesh have urged for solidarity support as their attempts to secure formal union registration have been repeatedly denied by the Joint Director of Labour (JDL) since February 2016 citing inadequate documents.

Management at the company reportedly unleashed a series of harassment and threats of termination of office bearers of the proposed union when they came to know about the worker’s move.

In November 2016, workers recruited more workers into the union and again applied for registration of the union. Despite having all appropriate documents, the JDL again denied the union registration on unsubstantial grounds.

The workers have made a third attempt and applied for Orchid Sweater Workers Union registration in January 2017. The JDL is expected to make decision on their application by 24 March.

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“I became a union member to raise issues collectively with the management, the labour department should immediately provide union registration,” said Munni Begum, a linking operator to IndustriAll.

Now Orchid workers call for solidarity support, as they are concerned that collusion between the management and government officials should not once again deny their right to freedom of association and collective bargaining. The Orchid Sweater Ltd factory currently employs around 2,250 workers.


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