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Afghan apparel industry faces ‘order crunch’


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Afghanistan Apparel Industry

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Afghanistan apparel industry is facing a serious sluggishness in getting orders as foreign manufacturers are taking away the major share.

Industrial Union of Afghanistan has informed that currently only US $ 15 million worth of orders have been received by the garment factories located in Kabul, the national capital of the country. “Contracts are mostly given to Chinese and Pakistani garment factories, while our country has enough capacity to produce those materials,” said Abdul Rahman Faizan, Deputy Head, Industrial Union.

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It may be noted that garment factories were one the high-income sectors in the country in past when it received military cloth and tailoring contracts, but now it does not have access to these contracts and are facing the hardship.

As per the economic analysts, Government’s negligence is the main reason behind this situation as it does not support domestic production and if the situation continues, the factories will continue to face recession.


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