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EU goes marginally up in first month apparel imports


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European Union (EU) has started the year 2017 on a positive note as it recorded surge both in its value- and volume-wise global apparel imports.

During the January 2017, the EU registered rise in knitted apparel’s import value by 6.15 per cent to € 3,676.27 million as against € 3,463.22 million in the same month last year. Volume too surged 2.43 per cent to 217.35 million kgs versus 212.20 million kgs in the corresponding month last year.

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Woven apparels imports however registered a drop in quantities as the EU managed to be settled at a marginal downfall of 0.26 per cent to 175.49 million kgs as compared with 175.95 million kgs in the same month last year. On the other hand, values of woven apparel imports rose 2.26 per cent to € 3,837.80 million as against € 3,752.85 million in January 2016.


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