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Apparel import by US tumbles in February


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After witnessing a solid start of year 2017 in January, US apparel imports have drastically fallen in February, from a year earlier, with shipments being depressed in the first two months of the year, collectively. US recorded downturn both in value and volume terms in its apparel imports.

Value-wise, during January to February 2017, US was down by 4.46 per cent to US $ 13103.33 million as against US $ 13715.60 million in the same period last year.

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Similarly, volume-wise the country too tumbled by 1.02 per cent to 4506.10 SME during the review period versus 4552.68 SME in the corresponding period last year.

Moreover, in value terms, shipments to the US market in February plunged 13.58 per cent after unit prices have declined by 2 per cent. It is the lowest drop in unit values since May last year, meaning that US buyers find it difficult to get lower prices these days.


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