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Intex Consulting Group takes Industry 4.0 on cards


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Germany-based Intex Consulting Group, as a founding member of the Digital Capability Center (DCC) Aachen, is supporting the textile industry with its vast experience in textile technology, ERP and MES software solutions via Intex ERP Business Suite.

It’s worth mentioning here that DCC aims to offer a platform to managers to experience the real potential of Industry 4.0-related technologies in a live environment and was founded by McKinsey & Company and Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University, Germany as a joint partnership with PTC and leading technology providers in March this year.

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In an exclusive tête-à-tête with Apparel Resources, Rohit Pandit, Managing Director, Intex Consulting Group, mentioned, “We have recognized some potential areas of textile industry where our ERP software can help in automation of the processes through our continuous efforts towards Industry 4.0,” adding, “Our collaboration with DCC will give our customers a platform to experience a whole new level of technology.”

Explaining further about the features of Intex ERP Business Suite, Rohit elaborated that Intex joins the functions of a modern ERP system together with the Plant Data Collection (PDC) and the process control (MES). It also provides reliable information from data pool in order to identify problems in organization, resulting in cost savings as it will allow developing single interface other than multiple ones for various operations.

Furthermore, in a bid to enhance customer experience in B2C scenario, the DCC Aachen is developing personalized wristbands in a real factory environment. The order and customer information will automatically be transferred from an App to Intex ERP, generating MRP & production orders, simultaneously generating order network with real time material tracking / movements on the shop floor through RFID interface. This is just the first step and further automation scenarios will be executed going forward.


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