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Aegle Gear introduces healthcare performance apparel


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Aegle Gear Healthcare Apparel

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Healthcare apparel company Aegle Gear has introduced antimicrobial healthcare apparel in the market powered by Protx2™ technology. The company claims the apparels have in-built design functions which are often found in sportswear and now the medical industry, in a bid to change the mindset of healthcare institutions and industry professionals when choosing their uniforms, are coming up to adopt the technology.

As per Aegle, Co-founders of Aegle Gear George Brown and Uli Becker have used their experience of designing apparel for athletes – as both have worked together for Adidas 25 years ago – for a variety of environments whilst maintaining comfort and style and now moved on to provide healthcare apparels.

“The years we spent designing gear to help athletes compete at a higher level have served us well when it comes to resourcing professionals who are on call to save lives,” commented Brown.

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Explaining the technology how Protx2 Works with Aegle Gear Healthcare Performance Apparel, Aegle underlines that Protx2™ is a proprietary technology which provides long-term effective control of micro-organisms. This control is achieved by the disruption of the cell wall coupling enzyme. It further disrupts the respiratory cycle causing inactivity of bacteria and germs in apparels. Thus resulting in fluid-resistant fabric which helps reduce the chance of contaminants infecting a wearer, while resisting stains from everyday use.

According to the company, Aegle Gear performance apparel will continue to offer the best antimicrobial protection even after 100 wash. For the past 12 months, Aegle has tested uniforms with dozens of doctors and nurses at Erlanger Health System in Chattanooga, Tennessee – the seventh largest public hospital in the United States.

Jan Keys, Chief Nursing Officer at the hospital said, “We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback on the Aegle uniforms. Our nurses can move well in the material and adapt quickly as they’re running down the hall, pushing a wheelchair, or picking up a child.”


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