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Sahu Exports: Targeting Rs. 500 crore apparel export in next two years


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Sahu ExportsNoida-based Sahu Exports is aiming to achieve the apparel export of Rs. 500 crore (US $ 77 million) in next two years and offer employment opportunity to 1,000 workers in the coming year as it is expanding the production capacity. Currently doing the business of Rs. 260 crore (US $ 40 million), the company has noticed growth of around 30 to 40 per cent in recent years. The company, founded by RK Sahu and now taken forward by his two sons Manoj Sahu and Sanjeev Sahu, paid tax worth Rs. 7.5 Crore (US $ 1.15 million) in the last fiscal.

RK Sahu, who currently employs around 4,000 people, said, “I never feel that I am the owner of the company, like others I am also a worker, member of the team. I started my business in 1968 with a single embroidery machine without any support after passing Higher Secondary. At that time machine parts were not available easily, so I myself repaired the machine. In 1975 I started fabrication and in 1979 we entered into exports. This is how I have grown and learned things. Still our focus in on creativity and to do maximum new stuff. We concentrate on a particular thing to get best results.”

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“We have that much of orders that we refuse some orders, so currently we are not exploring newer markets,” he added.

The company, catering to the US as well as Europe, recently won the Best Quality Award at an event of Lucky Brand, a US-based buyer. There were almost 100 exporters and three exporters awarded in various categories.

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