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Madura Clothing working on concept of ‘satellite factories’


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Devadas P M, Assistant VP, Business Excellence, Industrial Engineering, Sustainability & Safety of ABFRL

Devadas P M, Assistant VP, Business Excellence, Industrial Engineering, Sustainability & Safety of ABFRL explaining about the advanced training centre of the company

As labour scarcity is increasing in all apparel manufacturing hubs across India, some of the companies are coming up with interesting solutions and one of them is the concept of ‘satellite factory’. Aditya Birla’s Madura Clothing is using this model in an impressive way as currently the company has five such units in nearby villages of Bangalore, while two are still under process. These satellite factories are like ‘micro manufacturing unit’, where only stitching operations are done.

As Bangalore has lot of other working opportunities apart from garmenting, labour shortage is a strong issue here, especially for big and organized factories, therefore satellite factories are a big support in this scenario.

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Every day, cut pieces from centrally located big units are transported to the villages (where satellite factories are located) in a small truck which comes back next day with stitched pieces. All post-processes like finishing, inspection, and packaging take place in central/big unit. “We identified nearby villages and initiated factories in area of around 5,000 sq. ft. The maximum number of people working there is 200 with 100 stitching machines. As of now, five such factories are producing nearly 2 lakh pieces per month. It is a win-win situation for all as we get the production and people get employment as well as save their time,” Devadas P M, Assistant VP, Business Excellence, Industrial Engineering, Sustainability & Safety of the company told Apparel Resources.

To hold onto their workforce, the company is also using nearly 60 buses to provide pick and drop facility to its workers in all its Bangalore units. As cost of living is increasing in the city, migratory workers are facing difficulties to survive as factories are normally paying them the minimum wage of about Rs. 8,500 per month. On the same same lines, although Madura recruits unskilled freshers at the same minimum wage, but as their skills improve the wages are also increased. The experienced and skilled employees earn about Rs. 15,000 a month.

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