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India’s Satya Knitwears to start its own processing plant


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Satya KnitwearsExporting tees to clients like Superdry in England and Switzerland, Ludhiana’s (India) emerging apparel exporter Satya Knitwears (associated with knitting machine supplier firm PK International and having started apparel business 3 months ago) is coming up with its own processing plant. The company which was manufacturing fabric for others for over two decades has started sales directly two years ago. Today, it has fabric manufacturing capacity of 8 lakh kgs per month and consumes mostly for its own apparel business.

Currently having capacity of one-and-a-half lakh tees per month, it is investing Rs. 30 crore in this upcoming plant. Chahat Sudera, MD of the company, who joined the business a year ago, and started apparel manufacturing shared, “We have enough experience in fabric manufacturing and have specialization in jacquard as well as spandex. The only reason we lack behind China is because of fabric processing. I don’t see many good processing units in India so as to tackle global competition. We, therefore, need to have good processing facility. Some of the companies are in touch with us for this project and we will install German machines in this new plant. Hopefully, it will be functioning from the beginning of next year.” He further added that the stitching capacity will also be enhanced with time as currently it is running its stitching units for 24 hours.  

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Talking about the market, he added that Europe is quite big a market and a trendsetter in the fashion world. Chahat further averred, “We still have good market there as we have something new and creative for our buyers. We have grown from Rs. 2 crore to Rs. 20 crore and have a target to reach Rs. 100 crore in the next 3 years.”

Echoing voice of the next generation, Chahat said, “Still Ludhiana lacks professionalism as lala culture is predominant; people lack on commitment and timely delivery in most of the stages. If one tries to work on his own, people there try to put him down. To compete in international market, one has to go out of one’s way. I also think that people need to focus on trends rather than just compete on prices.”


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