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Indian sportswear manufacturer Vella Sports aims to expand its reach


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“People in remotest villages feel proud to wear our brand Vella,” says a confident and young owner of Vella Sports Ashish Dudeja, who is all set to take the company to great heights.

Based in Meerut (India), Vella Sports is a sportswear manufacturing company with over 123 distributors all over the country. In addition to manufacturing sportswear, the company specializes in manufacturing lower wear and has plans to manufacture socks of their own brand as well as raw materials for buttons, chains and other accessories. “We already have our textile industry by the name of GK Cotton Industries in Meerut itself and we are confident our new ventures will also be as successful. Even the threads we use are imported from Germany,” remarked the young entrepreneur.

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The company, that today has an annual turnover of almost Rs. 40 crores, has spread its wings all over India, especially Uttar Pradesh. “Doing well makes us happy but reaching every home in every remote village of UP is what success is all about,” said Ashish.

With a production capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 pieces per day, the company’s endeavour to reach every home, all over the country, may soon come true once the capacity increases to 50,000 pieces per day. Ashish says once the new plant also comes up at Meerut, the production capacity will increase fivefold.

Ashish also expressed his concern over labour attrition. He feels labour should also be educated to stay with a single plant for a longer period as labour attrition affects both production and quality. “Recruiting a new person means investment of time,” said Ashish. However, his effervescence could be seen from his remark on expansion plans. “Once our new plant comes up, it is not just India but the world market that we want to capture” said Ashish.


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